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HBIS & CFHI Exploring Strategic Cooperation Amid High End Value Added Chain

September 18, HBIS and China First Heavy Industry Group(CFHI) signed a Strategic Coopeartion Agreement in HBIS HQ.

HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, CFHI CCP & Group Chairman Liu Mingzhong attended the event and HBIS Vice President hosted the signature ceremony. HBIS Vice President Wang Yaobin, CFHI Vice President Xu Chongyong signed the agreement.Mr.Yu Yong and Liu Mingzhong delivered their speeches.

Yu Yong said CFHI was an very important enterprise under the leadership of SASAC, making extraordinary contributions in rapid economic development of the country. Particularly to  Chinese steel industry, CFHI is an irreplacable partner. With this agreement, we sum up our cooperation history and make new possibilities. Together with CFHI, armed with new development concepts HBIS will explore a new business model and make Chinese economy even better.

Liu Mingzhong said HBIS had successful experiences in making industrial chain, supply chain and value added chain innovations. With its projects in Belt & Road Initiative, HBIS steps in “Going Overseas”quest are fast, making it a showpiece enterprise in the process. After this agreement, the two groups will improve their communications and strengthen their strategic cooperation to build their advanteges with high end value added chain in steel industry.

With the agreement in place, the partners will be complementary, coordinated and mutually beneficial to deepen their supply chain cooperation. HBIS will give CFHI designated steel products and material sulutions. CFHI will offer its designated equipment to HBIS upgrade projects. They will jointly launch a research institution to develop metallurgical equipment and other professional steel materials and provide CFHI with dedicated material solutions. The partners will explore joint venture opportunities in Belt & Road Initiative projects and overseas production cooperation projects.  

Before the singature, Yu Yong accompanied Liu Mingzhong to visit the HBIS exhibition hall, watch HBIS welcoming vedio.