Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Holding 2019 Industrial Chain Development Form and Top 100 Enterprise Executives Visiting HBIS HBIS Chairman Meeting Visiting Leaders


October 24, WSA Chairman, HBIS CCP and Group Chairman Yu Yong met guests attending the 2019 Industrial Chain Development Forum and Top 100 Enterprises Visting HBIS event and welcomed the leaders including, CMIF Chairman Wang Ruixiang, President Shen Bo. Chinese Top 100 Machinery enterprises, Top 30 Automobile manufacturers, household electric appliance enterprises and HBIS strategic parnters sent their top executives to the event. Yu Yong said HBIS and its partners will go beyond its traditional trading and strengthen the coordinated development along the industrial chain. The cooperation will be mutually complementary and secured.   

Yu Yong said clients were precious resources and HBIS was focusing more on exterior of the company by looking at market and clients. The feedback was to upgrade its product structures. After years of hard work, HBIS is now China’s largest household electric appliance steel manufacturer and 2nd largest automobile steel supplier. Its high end clients and downstream clients are giving the pressure to HBIS to improve its products. The facts are telling truth that the biggest force pushing an enterprise forward is its market and clients.

Yu Yong said that in future, HBIS, with its partners, would enhance the coordinated development along the industrial chain . Besides providing high quality products, HBIS will invest in R&D, capital and 3rd parties and embed resources in its downstream industrial chain. HBIS will provide products and also, its technologies, innovation and HR advantages. Additional value will be given to its clients. HBIS and its downstream clients will be cooridnated and more resoureces will be open to the whole chain.

Finally, Yu Yong said every industry could have its advantages and every enterprise had its own tricks. Mutually complementary coopeartion will make them both strong. Steel and machinery industry are enterprises along the chain. With our own advantages, we could make the chain tight and remove the wickness and resist the effects of unfriendly exterior environment. Our industrial chain could make our country stronger and improve the securiety of the industry. We need to make our coopeartion stronger and secure our industry.

Mr.Wang Ruixiang congradulated Mr.Yu Yong for becoming the Chairman of World Steel Association and said the position was not only about HBIS, but the glory of Chinese steel industry and even the Chinese manufacturing industry. Wang Ruixiang said our event was a firm action implementing Chairman Xi Jinping’s instructions of enhancing our base industry and the modernization of industrial chain.

The event also could improve the industrial chain to meet the demands of enterprises. Our efforts will be a showpiece to the cooridnated development of all industries. This event is held by HBIS because its leading position in steel industry and its activness and enthusiasm. HBIS experiences are very valuable to the machinery industry. As downstream clients of steel industry, we should have a thorough understanding HBIS and close our ties. After this forum, we should strengthen the communication between steel industry and machinery and manufacturing industry and improve the efficiency of resources and high quality development.