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Chairman Xi Jinping Met Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and Addressed to Make the Iconic Semederevo Steel Project A Success

November 4, Chairman Xi Jinping met Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic in Shanghai and addressed that China and Serbia should keep the momentum of high level official communications and firmly support their core interests. The two countries should implement the production and infrastructure project well and make the projects, including Semederevo Steel mill and Hungary-Serbia Railway Project, susccessful. PM Brnabic said Seriba and China owned Friendship Of Steel and we were experiencing the best time of history. Semedervo steel mill is strongly supporting the Serbian economy and people are benefiting from the Serbian and Chinese cooperation. 

The attention and expectation of the Chinese and Serbian leaders are giving HBIS spirits. The company will follow the spirits of Model of Era and take its political responsibilities. With its confidence, HBIS will firmly implement the thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and we are the faithful believers and committed practitioners. With our successful experiences in Green Manufacturing, Intelligent Manufacturing and structural reform, HBIS is trasfering its advanced steel making technologies, green manufacturing technologies and energy & environmental production technologies to HBIS Serbia. HBIS is making the Seribian mill very competitive in Europe. 

In June, 2016, Chairman Xi Jinping inspected HBIS Serbia and hoped us to Keep Our Words, Make it Successful and Deliver a Showpiece Project in China & Serbia Cooperation and Belt & Road Initiative. HBIS will remember its duty and fulfill the reponsibility. Under the leadship of Hebei CCP and Provincial Government and the State Ministries, we will do the job. In operation, HBIS adopts proper policies to help the enterprise to regain its strength and become the largest exporter of Serbia. It is now an iconic project in Belt & Road Initiative and interntional production cooperation. In April, 2019, HBIS Seriban Executive Management team received the honorable title of “Model of Era”from the CCP Publicity Department.

Since the takeover of Semederevo steel mill, the leaders of the two countries have paid great attention its operation. It has become one of the issues discussed in the summits of the two countries and been praised. In September 2018, meeting Seriban President Aleksandar Vucic, Chairman Xi Jiniping said he was very glad that HBIS and Semederevo steel mill had been working together very well. President Vucic the revival of the steel was a successful case of coopeartion. In April this year, in the meeting between Chairman Xi Jinping and President Vucic, President Vucic, once again, that Chinese projects in Serbia, including Semedervo steel mill had given strong supports to the development of Serbian economy. In July 2018, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang met Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and said HBIS Semederevo steel mill project was a success example in China & Serbia and China & Mid/east European countries cooperation in large scale projects. PM Brnabic said Serbian and Chinese cooperation was steady and  HBIS Semedervo project was working very well and its profit was improving year by year.